Valley Propane Safety 

At Valley Propane Inc., we care about the safety, health and well-being of our customers, employees and communities where we live, work and service.  We maintain strict safety policies and programs to ensure the highest standards in the industry.  Monthly safety meetings are conducted throughout the year on a variety of propane related topics with mandatory attendance.  Safety training is required for each and every employee that works at Valley Propane Inc. with on-going, hands-on practices and procedures.  It is our goal to be pro-active and take preventative measures to ensure safe working practices and conditions at all times.  Everyone shares in the responsibility to identify hazards, follow protocol to mitigate, and prevent accidents or unsafe conditions.  Valley Propane Inc. is committed to safety in every aspect of the gas business, including playing a major role with the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) in providing live propane fire fighting training for city, county and state emergency responders.  When handled properly, liquid propane gas is a safe, valuable source of clean burning energy.  Valley Propane Inc., the preferred supplier, has the excellent safety record you can depend upon to supply you, your family or your business by highly trained personnel in a safe and professional environment.

Safety Begins with Education

The following e-learning modules are intended to help you better understand propane and how it applies to the topics listed below.  As a propane user, we encourage you to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with each of these topics:

Propane Information

Click here to learn more about Propane, what it smells like, and what you should do if you smell it.

Carbon Monoxide

Click here to learn more about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, how to recognize the symptoms of poisoning, and how to reduce the risks.

Consumer Safety

Click here to learn more about how to use propane safely around the house.

Weather Emergencies

Click here to learn more about propane safety during weather emergencies.

Call Before You Dig 

Before you dig on your property, please call the Diggers Hotline 811/1-800-227-2600 to help you find the underground lines of all types located on your property.  The size and location of your gas system may require compliance with federal, state, or local laws.  For example, underground lines that run under a public place may require that you register with the Diggers Hotline/”One-Call” Program in your state.